All new patients are welcome to have a free 15 minute consultation.  This is an opportunity for you to see who we are and how we help people.  You will get a better understanding of your treatment options and some people use it as an opportunity to get an expert second opinion.


30 MINUTE SPORTS MASSAGE £30 (Standard Price £55)

This is for existing and new patients.  This is not a wishy washy massage, this is intended to free up your body and help you get moving again.  Stressed? This is a perfect opportunity to take the blocks out of your back, leaving you invigorated and free, ready to take on the world again.

This offer is limited to one per patient so you know what we have available.  You’ll feel great!


VIMOVE ASSESSMENT £35 (Standard Price £70)

How are you moving? Are you sitting around all day at a desk?  Do you play sports but feel you are restricted?  ViMove is a highly advanced technology we use to see and measure range of motion.

You may or may not be in pain but we often see restricted movement as an early warning for potential problems further down the line.  The assessment will also include some other exams and a look at problem areas.  We’ll give you a report to take away and some guidance on what you can work on.

The offer is limited to one per patient, new or existing patients.


You can book online or call 020 7100 4598.

Please quote WEBOFFER when you come.

We look forward to welcoming you to Spinex.