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Our most common advice is for a good joint supplement and an all-rounder wellbeing supplement.

We recommend Cartonica and Vitaliti from Clinic Nutrition:

CARTONICA: Cartonica is the powerhouse liquid joint supplement. It’s packed with nutrients including an impressive 5,000mg of type II Collagen plus Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Vit D, C and some Turmeric.

Note: 60% of the dry weight of cartilage is made of collagen and 90-95% of the collagen is type II.

Cartonica beats all tablet supplements for its breadth and quantity of nutrients.
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VITALITI: With 28 vitamins and minerals, including 500mg Vit C, all eight B vitamins, A,D, E, zinc, selenium and more, plus some super greens and an amino blend, Vitaliti is our choice for immune health and general wellbeing.
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