“I think I have just seen Francesco”  This is an adaptation of something we heard at a football match in Milan many years ago to celebrate a star player (of Roman side Lazio – shhhh!).

Francesco Grieco is originally from Italy and studied Osteopathy in Milan and London.  As an Osteopath, Francesco looks at the whole body, not just the place where we have pain.

Pain can be just at one point, which is typical in an impact or sports injury.  However pain can sometimes be the last sign of a problem, built up over time as a consequence of many life style factors.

Francesco works a lot with joint pain and what we call “dysfunction”, where things just aren’t working the way they should and the result is a lack of free movement..

There are things which can be done to relieve pain and then to avoid recurrence of a problem and to ensure we can go about our daily lives without restrictions,  Francesco will address the functional aspect of the issue.

It’s great to have Francesco in the team.  When he joined Spinex, he was interviewed by several members of the clinic.  One of the interviews included an examination and treatment of a shoulder problem of one of the Directors.  After that, there was no question about Francesco’s credentials and it is fantastic to have him with us.

For people in the City of London and beyond, Francesco’s helping hand is here to help you.

To book an appointment with Francesco at Aldgate, book online or call 020 7100 4598